Our sharpener not only has an ability to sharpen with precision and detail but we also treat every shear as if they are our own. He  does one of the best sharpening jobs in the world. You will be able to see and feel the difference in your shear right away when  you get them sharpened from an experienced expert. With reasonable price, you won't regret choosing us over other service  companies. Experience the whole new world of sharpening yourself and see the difference!Type your paragraph here.


 Before sharpening, we inspect every single shear we get to get rid of any damage on the shear to make sure they are in their  best condition possible. 


 Our expert hand honing with multiple whetstones allows the edge of your shears to hold for an extended period of time allowing  your shears to cut smoothly for a long time without sharpening.


 With knowledge and skill learned straight from Japan, we have an ability to produce the best convex edge for both better looks  and for better cutting ability.


 To allow the shears to have the best feeling possible while cutting, we check for and fix anything that keeps shears from having a  gentle and sleek feeling while cutting.